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María Jesús Padilla is the founder and designer of MON PATRON.
She has a degree in Law and Administration and Business Management and practised as a lawyer since the beginning. The work in the office made her gain momentum to get out of her comfort zone and heighten her desire to bring to life her ideas, to transmit how she feels and how she lives fashion. MON PATRON is a project that kept her hopeful during those years and now she is dealing with giving life to it with the help of those who have always supported her and the best people that are training her in modeling, pattern designing and dressmaking.

MON PATRON is a continuous learning studio, its soul is the personal work and care for the patterns and the choice of fabrics. The dressmaking of its garments is done in a controlled way in small workrooms in Spain, trying to contribute positively to the local economy.

The garments by MON PATRON are a result of love for fashion language and its outreach capcity, to transmit the consumer the value behind each garment and its responsible use.

MON PATRON is available exclusively on this website.

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